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Our proven methods in digital marketing will skyrocket your sales and revenue. 

Here at Desiq, we turn digital possibilities into profitable realities. With a team of experts at your side, your business can rise above the competition, attract your target audience, and achieve remarkable online success. 

Explore our services below and let’s make it happen together.


Search engine optimization

This is the most crucial part of digital marketing strategy, as it involves optimization of website content with keywords for more visibility, traffic and sales.

Digital advertising

Our digital advertising strategy involves conducting advertising campaigns with a budget, relevant keywords, demographics, and geographical locations, to drive conversions.


Email/drip marketing

This form of our marketing  service is done by sending promotional emails to the masses to inform and educate them about the brand value and generate leads, build customers and improve sales.


Social Media Marketing

In here,  we create and manage social profiles on social media platforms, conducting campaigns, and interacting with the audience for enhanced brand recognition

Our approach

Understanding Requirement

First and foremost, we understand the requirements, goals and objectives of the client. This is the most important step as it decides everything, the strategy, plan and our actions.

Market Research

Once the requirements are well understood, we perform a thorough research on the business: target customers, product or services to be marketed, and competition in the industry.

Strategy Development

The strategy development includes creation of a product positioning strategy, branding strategy, content strategy, and the digital channels.

Plan Execution

The digital marketing strategy created is executed by performing all digital marketing activities while considering their respective timelines.

Performance Monitoring

This is another crucial aspect of digital marketing strategy as you analyze the outcome of your digital marketing activities. Accordingly, you will optimize your further strategy and process.

Process Optimisation

On the basis of observations led by analyzing the performance results, the strategies and processes are optimised further for improved outcomes.

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