Search Engine Optimization

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We approach Search Engine Optimization uniquely. Over the past 6 years, with over fifty million website visitors, we’ve developed a distinctive approach that’s garnered favor from search engines. Our strategies not only deliver results but have also withstood every major algorithm update.

Here’s an insight into our Seo process.

01/ SEO Research & Competitive Analysis


We begin by understanding your business, competitors, and objectives. We’ll request access to your website, Google Search Console, and Google Analytics, but it’s not a problem if you don’t have them.

We create a baseline report measuring keyword rankings, clicks, traffic, and bounce rate.

Next, we analyze your current optimization efforts, identify missed opportunities, and list low-hanging fruit for your SEO campaign.

We also assess your competitors’ websites and keyword strategies to find strengths and weaknesses.

Using this research, we perform in-depth keyword research, targeting industry-relevant terms with lower difficulty.

All of this informs our tailored SEO roadmap for your business.

02/ SEO Roadmap


Our SEO roadmap is a customized, step-by-step plan for boosting website traffic, typically spanning 9 to 12 months, adaptable to your specific goals.

It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. We craft your unique roadmap based on our research from Step 1, tailoring every element.

Your roadmap may encompass website redesign, content creation, domain authority building, technical SEO enhancements, and internal linking.

We’ll then review the roadmap together to ensure alignment with your strategy and goals.

03/ Client Review & Approval


Many new clients express frustration over the lack of transparency with their previous SEO agencies. Having a clear roadmap and aligned strategy is a significant advantage.

Before initiating any work, it’s crucial that both parties endorse the strategy and roadmap. At the end of each month, we can review the roadmap together, marking completed tasks.

Once your roadmap is approved, we proceed to Step 4: SEO Implementation

04/ SEO Implementation


Your part is done, and we’ve got it from here!

Our implementation team takes your approved roadmap and starts working on tasks like:

  • Enhancing page speed.
  • Optimizing images with modern formats.
  • Adding ALT text to images.
  • Implementing internal linking.
  • Optimizing title and meta descriptions.
  • Adjusting heading tags.
  • Adding Schema Markup.
  • Crafting additional content for existing pages.
  • Generating blog content.
  • Building trust and authority.

You can sit back and relax while we execute the plan.

05/ Reporting & Optimization


Congratulations on completing month one!

Each month, after our scheduled call, we provide a detailed email. It includes a comprehensive list of completed work from your roadmap and a performance report.

In SEO, monthly reporting offers the most accurate data. While we monitor results continually, they can fluctuate as the search algorithm settles your content’s position. Month-over-month data analysis provides the clearest picture of real results.

This report benefits both our clients and our optimization strategy, allowing us to adjust in real time.