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Mastering the Art of Freelance Confidence

by | Sep 12, 2023 | 1 comment

Life as a creative entrepreneur can be a whirlwind of emotions – from the highs of accomplishment to the lows of doubt and fear. It’s a journey filled with questions:


  1. Will I ever secure another project?
  2. Can I sustain my financial stability?
  3. When will this troublesome project finally end?
  4. Why does it seem like this client is unhappy with me?
  5. Why am I hesitant to bring in help?
  6. If my business fails, will I ever find employment again?
  7. Do I even know what I’m doing, or am I just destined to fail?


Like you, I’ve been in those moments, teetering on the edge, haunted by these questions that seem to lurk like shadows. Truthfully, I still have flashbacks to those moments, like scenes from a horror movie.


But here’s the good news: I survived. I built my agency, weathering storms I thought might tear it apart. And guess what? You will too. Now that I’ve emerged from the other side of the challenging journey, I can see things I couldn’t during the darkest times. If you ever find yourself thinking that your beloved business is on the brink of collapse, read on.


You Won’t Perish:

No matter how tough it gets, your business won’t be the end of you. Challenges are the forge in which entrepreneurs are refined and strengthened, emerging as the best versions of themselves.


Not Everything Will Be Lost:

Sometimes it feels like everything you’ve worked for hangs in the balance. But one misstep won’t erase it all. You may lose a part of what you’ve gained, but it won’t be everything. What’s lost will often return to you, often in a bigger and better form. Just keep moving forward.


Fear Spurs Change:

When the phone stops ringing, use it as motivation to step out of your comfort zone and meet potential clients. A lull in projects can push you to make overdue changes, pivot, network more, or revamp your marketing.


Projects Will Come:

If you had the skills to land projects before the tough times, you still possess those skills. Hold on and be patient. Each day brings you closer to the next project.


One Bad Client Doesn’t Define You:

We’ve all had a project go sour and a client upset with us. Will it destroy your reputation? No. No single client holds that much power. If a bad client experience haunts you, let it go. Move forward.


Competitors Aren’t the Enemy:

It’s easy to obsess over your competitors and feel inadequate. Stop worrying about them. Concentrate on your business. In today’s global economy, there’s enough room for your business and your competitors’. Focus on your slice of the pie.


Live Day by Day:

In moments of fear and stress, don’t peer too far into the future. Concentrate on the present. Don’t fret about a month or a year from now. The future is distant; today is where change begins. Much can happen if you make wise choices now.


You’re Joining a Unique Club:

There exists an unspoken, exclusive club in the world. It doesn’t have an official name, but it’s very real. It’s a club filled with past and present entrepreneurs who have stood where you stand today, battling doubts, struggling through challenging projects, grappling with imposter syndrome, and wondering how to make it work. We, the members of this club, know exactly what you’re experiencing, and we’re delighted to welcome you. Right now, you’re paying the membership fee with each challenging entrepreneurial experience. We all paid that fee too, and it’s a small price to pay for the wisdom and growth you’re gaining. Welcome to the club. We’re thrilled to have you here.

About the Author

Ben Arhin

Ben Arhin is the Founder and CEO of Desiq Creative Agency, a renowned figure in the fields of Brand Identity Design, Web Development and Digital Marketing. With a commitment to excellence, his agency stands as a testament to his expertise and professional dedication.

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